Free Podcast


The free Greekspeek Podcast is a series of live-streams that examine the puzzling state of the world and to unpack its contradictions. Hosted by The Arkon and The Greek, it's a complement to this website and expands on the articles published here. You can listen and download them for free through the widgets below.

Episode 0: Introductions

This introductory episode of the Greekspeek Podcast presents The Arkon and The Greek, lays out their intentions for the series, and outlines the subject matter that will be discussed in future episodes.

Episode 1: Cosmic Censorship

The first episode of the Greekspeek Podcast sees The Arkon and The Greek further expand on the idea of Cosmic Censorship. What is it and what are its effects on mankind? Can it be mitigated, and what can human history teach us about its longstanding presence? Also, the most defining periods of modern history, such as the Enlightenment and the Renaissance, are re-examined in light of this censorship.

Episode 2: Mindset & Objectivity

In the second episode of the Greekspeek Podcast The Arkon broaches the subject of how we effectively make sense of the ourselves and the world. Is it through knowledge that one becomes enlightened, as many traditions and mystery schools have claimed, or are there more important considerations? The Greek elaborates on the significance of having the proper mindset, as well as how the objectively-minded person differs in his approach from his subjective-thinking counterpart.

Episode 3: Communication

The podcast returns for a third episode, this time to discuss the concept of "communication". What are the prevailing forms of communication today and how do these affect the state of mind we see among the masses? What should we make of how institutions send out messages to the public, and can it shown that today's populaces have been dumbed down by way of their communication tools? The Greek offers up some exposition on this and more.

Episode 4: Education

The Arkon and The Greek explore the subject of "education" by first discussing the nature of the modern school system, and then by examining how the processes of learning and teaching are playing out in the world. How effective is school really? What makes for a good teacher? Why are parents so seemingly ineffective at instructing their own children? By the end of podcast, the listener may have found answers to such questions and more.

Episode 5: The Media

Having reached the halfway point of the The Greekspeek Podcast, The Arkon and The Greek discuss the media landscape of the past few decades. Be it generated by large corporations or bedroom dissidents, the conversation examines themes like the duplicity of mainstream outlets, the (lack of) integrity in the alternative media, and how to orient oneself when surrounded by such misdirections.

Episode 6: Science

The Greekspeek Podcast continues with The Arkon and The Greek examining the puzzling nature of today’s scientific disciplines. What does the word “science” mean, where did it originate and why so much contradiction between its professed purpose and the actual results? We explore how “science” is a mere 500-year concept, and how it oftentimes gets mistaken for its ideological counterpart, “Scientism“. Additionally, The Greek offers insight into obscure aspects of the human body, like the biological vacuum and the process of food transmutation during digestion.

Episode 7: Food and Diet

Episode 7 of The Greekspeek Podcast kicks off with The Arkon and The Greek  discussing the nature of food, as well as the industries and ideologies that fuel the food industry. Various misconceptions are picked apart concerning diets, meat, grains, digestion and more. Also, The Greek gives some exposition on how to cook different foods, from salads to pizza.

Episode 8: Politics and The Military

The subject of Episode 8 is statehood, government and the military. What is really meant by a “state”, and how did Western states evolve out of their previous empires and kingdoms? What role did armies play in this and what is really the purpose of today’s military infrastructure, given the West’s professed adherence to democracy and the pursuit of peace? This and more is discussed below.

Episode 9: The Economy and Legal System

As the podcast nears the end of it’s first season, The Arkon and The Greek dissect the economic and legal structures that govern the world by examining money, banks, lawyers and courts. Why was gold and silver historically used as legal tender, whereas we use mere paper today? What are the secrets behind how banks really operate, and how should we reassess the nature of criminality if the legal system can be shown to be as delinquent as those they judge? Find out in the stream below.

Episode 10: Coronavirus & Future Events + Timekeeping

For the final episode of the Greekspeek Podcast, The Arkon and The Greek discuss the current health crisis that’s crippled the world. Thanks to an agent known as the "coronavirus", it’s caused an epidemic and forced many governments to quarantine their populations. The Greek offers some insight into the nature of the disease as well as potential countermeasures against it. The podcast then concludes by examining what the future of mankind holds in store, as well as what cannibals, birthdays and dolls have in common.