The Greekspeek Podcasts are a series of audio recordings of previous live-streams, created with the aim of examining the puzzling state of the world, as well as to address its contradictions and fallacies. Hosted by The Arkon and The Greek, the Podcast is a complement to this website, and expands on the articles that have already been published here. You can listen and download them for free through the widgets below.


Episode 0: Introductions


This introductory episode of the Greekspeek Podcast presents The Arkon and The Greek, lays out their intentions for the series, and outlines the subject matter that will be discussed in future episodes.



Episode 1: Cosmic Censorship


The first episode of the Greekspeek Podcast sees The Arkon and The Greek further expand on the idea of Cosmic Censorship. What is it, where does it come from and what are its effects on mankind? Can it be mitigated, and what can human history teach us about its longstanding presence? Also, the most defining periods of modern history, such as the Enlightenment and the Renaissance, are re-examined in light of this censorship.