For those who hear Greekspeek for the first time, it usually takes 3 to 6 months for them to realize that it has practical relevance in their lives, and 6 months to 3 years to actually understand what it’s about.
This kind of talk isn’t what people are used to hearing on the news or reading on the Internet. It’s very different from your customary, “Here’s what happened this week!”,
or, “This is all you need to know about such and such”.

– The Greek


Greekspeek.com is geared towards spreading a mindset that helps contend with the pertinent questions of life. This line of thought seeks to rationalize the state of the world, sharpen one’s perception and to make one more aware of things which are obvious, yet glossed over.

A lot of websites and media outlets insist on telling people what they’re “supposed” to do. But do you really do those things? Do you even want to do them? And what if the “right” reasons to do things are in fact wrong, and the usual wisdom is, in fact, unwise? Rather than preach dogma, Greekspeek.com prefers to ask these questions and be critical of the conventional wisdom of the day, having found them to be questionable and spurious.

The sentiments expressed here may not yet be fashionable enough for a society so steeped in its current ways, but since time makes more converts than reason, the hope is that this website will increasingly pique the interest of those who wish to learn more about the world and their place in it.

Greekspeek.com is beholden less to the idea of amassing an audience than to expounding on its chosen subject matter, and as a result, will be most accepted by those who have already pondered the ideas and claims which are expressed on here. Its purpose is not to say anything novel or new, but to say those things which are worth saying, have always been said and need plainly to be said again.

Greekspeek.com’s contents are the results of creating and compiling various bodies of thought and writing, both original and previously published, to make the ideas they address easily accessible to the public. The website was created and is managed by
The Arkon, who can be reached here.